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Is the Menopause Taking Control of Your Life?

MENOPAUSE - 10 WEEK GET MOVING PROGRAMME - 5 Live Online Sessions per week


Viable Course needs Minimum 10 - Maximum 20 Women. We engage on a personal level, talk freely, exchange information, support each other in the group, we have Online socials, Mobility sessions and if the group wants we will try at some point to meet up. You can Live anywhere as this is online!! Only restriction is unfortunately I can't host anyone online from USA / Canada.


Cost is £140 for the amazing opporunity to become a member of the next 'Get Moving' Programme. Exercising with like minded women, all at the same stage of life, in a safe environment. This has proved very successful already.


50 x 30min Classes over 10wks  - £140 value for money (That's as little as £2.80 per class)


You can do any of the 5 Live Sessions, a timetable will be set and given to all members. You will decide from the beginning which classes you plan to attend. At anytime you can jump onto additional classes but what it shows it committment and makes you accountable to yourself and the group. The watsapp group gets set up to allow continued contact between the group members, which again has proved pivitol for support and sharing of menopausal information and experiences.


To see the benefits we need to think about committment and effort. It becomes easier when there is a group and you also look forward to seeing them. Just like losing weight we don't get fat eating a single bar of chocolate or drinking one glass of wine, equally we don't lose weight eating a single salad or having soup for dinner. It's about sensible lifestyle changes that are done consistantly and for a reasonable period of time.


I believe 10 weeks is a reasonable time frame for members make changes and see benefits Physically and Mentally.


Fitness sessions are adapted but are ideal for those who have done exercise / limited exercise or those who have maybe not been an exerciser for some time. You can of course work harder during the sessions if your fitness levels are a higher than average.

Two seperate 10wk Get Moving Programmes are scheduled to start Monday 3rd May (Booked Your Space by 30th April)

CONTACT ME - For Full Details of the Timetable (between 10-20 women in each group)


Group 1 Lesbian Menopausal Women          

Group 2 Menopausal Women


If you have a friend who you think might be interested and benefit from this programme - get them to contact me!!

Leanne is one of the 15 women on the Lesbian Menopausal Get Moving 10wk Programme - 'I can honestly say that i love these group classes. I love the girls and the friendships; I love Fiona and her kind, supportive and honest nature; I love that I feel better in myself; I love that I've lost weight; I love that I feel stronger and more confident about myself; I love that I actually look forward to each class. I'm so glad I joined as I honestly don't think I would have achieved the same outcomes on my own. I would absolutely recommend to anyone considering signing up. I always hated gym classes at the local sports centre, but I now absolutely love these sessions. Thank You Fiona x

Exercise isn't competitive sport, it doesn't require loads of equipment, it just needs to be regular and push you a little outside your comfort zone. Even if you hated sport at school don't let that put you off, seriously it helps with all aspects of LIFE

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