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Bespoke Functional Fitness Ltd - Fiona Gehring 07739 287683
Fiona Gehring - Owner and Director

I am a Physical Training Instructor who has a passion for guiding people to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Encouraging regular exercise and changing mindset to achieve their goals. I really enjoy helping women especially during the menopause to improve their self confidence, self esteem, lose weight, improve fitness but also crucially deal with the symptoms of the menopause.


I have a wealth of knowledge and life experiences. I am sure working together you will make the improvements you are looking for, and so much more.




Is the MENOPAUSE taking over your Life?


Every Woman is affected to a greater or lesser degree between the ages of 40-60yrs old (approximately)


Would you like to improve your physiological and psychological wellbeing?


Both are critical to leading a happy life!


TIME is always a factor, please try to exercise most days. Your health & wellbeing can be affected directly by your actions or lack of them. Life is not a dress rehearsal.




10 Week 'Get Moving' Programme

Are you a Woman who feels they are just not themselves anymore and the symptoms are taking over?


Are You Going through the Menopause / Peri-Menopause / Post Menopause?

Online via Zoom - Live Classes, Socials, Education, Like minded Women



One to One Fitness Training

Online Options & Face to Face



Group Fitness Sessions 





Adhoc Workshops to Educate


Welcome to Bespoke Functional Fitness

I will help you to improve your health. Improving your physiological and psychological wellbeing through incorporating fitness and healthier eating into your lifestyle is key. I'm not about to tell you that you can't enjoy life or have to cut everything you like out your diet, but look at how together I can help you achieve the goals you set for youself.

Using the BFF blocks as stepping stones to achieve your goals it's now up to you to make the first step and contact me. I promise that I will give you value for money, the personal attention that you require, make it a fun enviroment, giving you all the tools to achieve your goals.


We all know that we don't achieve anything in life without hard work and committment.

Online Sessions - means you can LIVE Anywhere & we can connect!

(Sadly not available to USA / Canada)

Face to Face - Local

07739 287683



Physical Locations Covered

Cheshunt - Wormley

Hoddesdon - Ware

Hertford - Goffs Oak


Anywhere inbetween


(enquiries welcome)


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